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Astroturf from the Astrodome

My wife shipped the oldest son off to the grandparents’ house for the night. I have several deadlines and I need the time. I am drinking coffee and water, no lazy afternoon adult beverage. Dinner is long gone and the dishes have been dished. This blog is nice, because it really acts like a nice little warm-up. The best posts, the ones that are easiest to pop off, usually come from a place of reflective complaint.

I really have nothing to complain about though, save for the wife’s Cosby Show being a tad loud (I’m listening to the hip grooves of George Gershwin’s Gershwin Plays Gershwin so the sound is muted). I may have to go out to the garage in a few minutes. I need to regain focus, but I seem to have gone down a rabbit hole that involves both Audio-Animatronics and memorabilia from the Astrodome. For some reason, I assumed that there might, somewhere in the bowels of the internet, be some cool Audio-Animatronic baseball creation. A robotic Casey Stengel tipping a cap to reveal the robotic twitter of a mechanical pigeon (or something of the sort). No such thing seems to exist.

I then felt I would have better success finding a swatch of Astroturf from the Astrodome. I have been searching high and low the past couple days for fanciful bits of forward thinking pop for Wired Playbook. For some reason, my mind is stuck on kitsch gadgets from the past. We live in a time where invention and advanced electronic achievements seem to lap and pile at the lightest (or brightest?) of light speed. We are on technological overload, and this is a good thing. But it seems things are moving so fast, that we don’t really have the time to sit back and appreciate the kitsch.

Or maybe we do… maybe we have too much time. So much of the internet is solely dedicated to kitsch. But all reflection, sadly, seems to come with tongue firmly planted in the cheeky cheek of irony. Maybe that’s where the bulk of my ire is directed. I would like to experience a good old fashioned unironic World’s Fair and I can’t seem to find one anywhere. No World’s Fair, no Audio-Animatronic fodder, no Astroturf from the Astrodome…

Which brings me back to my original point… a point that had something to do with me needing to meet a lot of deadlines and the fact that my coffee is getting cold… and the… wait… it’s 7:11? The Dodger game should be starting…

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